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Passenger and freight traction elevators for tough industrial Environments.
The Alimak traction elevator series – ALIMAK TR-H is designed and built to perform in the world’s harshest environments. The elevator will improve operational efficiency, give superior HSE performance and reduce maintenance costs in any industrial application. With surface treatment corrosion classification up to C5 and ingress protection rating up to IP54, the new elevators are made for the toughest environments on the planet.
The Ex version – ALIMAK TR-H Ex gains trust from the company’s long term experience in delivering Ex elevators based on rack and pinion drive technology since the first one was delivered to the Kuwait National Petroleum Company in 1975.

Peace of mind in the world’s harshest environments

Alimak is the name you can trust for reliable, productive, and economical vertical access solutions. Our offering is comprised of industrial elevators based on traction as well as rack and pinion technologies, and a wide range of after sales services. We have a long track record of successfully carrying out projects for EPC companies and end users.

Wide range of car sizes and capacities

The modular design of the two traction elevator series Alimak TR-H & TR-H Ex provide several different car sizes within the standard range — meeting just about every imaginable transport need from 450 kg to 5,000 kg (990 — 11,020 lbs) for both non-hazardous and Ex environments. Additional sizes and specifications can be provided on request.

Robust design

The elevator car is made from durable materials including stainless steel, aluminum or painted steel with bumper rails and diamond plate flooring together with other options. Elevator doors can be manual or heavy-duty automatic with fire rated doors as option. Robust industrial design gives the elevator the ability to handle your toughest working environments.

Remote monitoring

The Alimak TR-H elevator is fitted with the built-in A3 remote monitoring system as standard and can be added on as an accessory for our Alimak TR-H Ex elevators. A3 gives you the ability to fully monitor the elevator via a mobile network, the internet or your local network with a Modbus TCP client and trace any faults instantly. The system allows for an improved response time for corrective diagnostics to avoid elevator downtime. A3 is free during warranty period.

Codes and regulations

Alimak TR-H elevator series complies with European Lift Directive 95/16/EC, EN 81-20/50, with additional local and project specific regulations on request.

Alimak TR-H Ex elevator series complies with European Lift Directive 95/16/EC, EN 81-20/50, ATEX regulations – offering protection in Zone 2, Gas group IIB and Temperature class T1–T3, with additional local and project specific regulations on request.

Alimak Traction Elevators

오대륙에서 활동하는 알리막헥의 영업, 정비, 임대 회사들은 폭넓은 온디맨드 제품과 정비로 고객을 지원합니다.

  • Rugged design, for tough environmental conditions
  • Wide range of car sizes and capacities
  • Indoor or outdoor installations
  • Explosion proof as standard option across range
  • Ingress protection rating up to IP54
  • Remote monitoring system (Option on ALIMAK TR-H Ex)
  • Robust manual and automatic doors
  • Surface treatment: corrosion classification up to C5
  • Extensive documentation for materials, welding and testing
  • Wide range of optional equipment and functions

고객 가까이에서

오대륙에서 활동하는 알리막헥의 영업, 정비, 임대 회사들은 폭넓은 온디맨드 제품과 정비로 고객을 지원합니다.

450 kg – 5,000 kg (990 – 11,020 lbs)
1.0 m/s (196 fpm) *
Travel height, max.
40 m (130 ft) *
Car width, internal
1.04 m - 2.86 m (3’-4 15/16” – 9’-4 19/32”)
Car length, internal
1.17 m - 3.12 m (3’-10 1/16” – 10’-2 53/64”)
Car height, internal
2.1 m – 2.4 m (6’-10 43/64” – 7’-10 1⁄2”)
Door opening width
0.67 m – 2.83 m (2'-2 4⁄10" – 9’-3 27⁄64”)
Door opening height
2.0 m – 2.35 m (6’-6 7⁄10” – 7’-8 1⁄2”)
No. of landings
2 – 16
Control system
Selective collective
Motor control
Frequency Control (FC)
Power supply range
380–690 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Operating temperature range
+5°C to +40°C
EN 81-20/50
Protection class (TR-H)
None (Safe area)
Protection class (TR-H Ex)
ATEX: Zone 2, Gas group IIB, Temp. class T1–T3

* Increased speed / travel height on request.

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